5 Panties That Should Be in Every Woman’s Wardrobe & Why

As women, we come in all shapes and sizes--we deserve flattering and form-fitting panties that offer incredible style, comfort and peace of mind. Not a lingerie savant (yet)? You are in the right place! Our fearless guide is expertly crafted to shed some light on the confusing and yet enticing world of luxury underwear. 


The perfect companion to a tight legging or pant, this minimalist underwear is designed as a preventative measure against the dreaded V.P.L. Typically giving you decent coverage on the front-facing side of your hips, this style is best recognized by the low back coverage and cheeky exposure. A frequent criticism of thongs is that worn for long stretches of time, this style can feel too tight or uncomfortable. The best advice to navigate this common concern is to choose high-quality, soft-to-the-touch fabrics like rayon, silk or cotton textiles. Any fabric containing natural fibers will greatly reduce chafing and irritation, keeping you looking and feeling fresh down below.


Reminiscent of your favorite summertime swimwear, this classic style does not disappoint. Slim shaping on all sides formed the iconic “V” shape in both the front and back, setting you up for minimal coverage and maximum sexiness. This low-slung, laid-back style offers you another great option for a less visible finish. The only consideration you might have in shopping for your new favorite lingerie item, would be the fabric’s stretch content, as this style tends to be body-hugging, the perfect cut for layering under denim or dress pants. 


Providing you with moderate coverage and minimal fuss-- this cutout style lands somewhere in between a bikini and a thong. The tanga panty offers you narrowed back coverage and plenty of cheekiness for those body-con, form-fitting dresses and skirts. Perfect for a night out on the town, these underwear were designed for minimal chafing down below and a secure enough fit to stay where you need it to. Tanga panties are both forgiving and flattering enough to become a staple in your everyday attire.


A go-to weekend style for most women, the shorty panty gives your body full front and back coverage, without being too tight or restrictive. Mimicking the secure, comfy fit of the well-known boyshort silhouette, this versatile twist is the perfect compliment to sweatpants or loose-fitting clothes. Usually designed with men’s wear-inspired or bulky seaming, your best fabric options for this look would be lace or mesh, as they keep the shorty panty lightweight, breathable and slimming. The shorty panty offers you a chill, laid back vibe as it is typically worn around the house during those lazy Sundays and quiet weekends, when you just need to get away from it all.


Contrary to the name, the brief panty offers you maximum coverage and security, while mimicking the compression effect of shapewear. There are many shapes and cuts of this traditional underwear style, however the most popular cut finishes high at the waist and low at the leg, giving you seamless coverage. The brief panty is ideal for playing dress-up with your partner, since the silhouette is reminiscent of retro lingerie styles! On a more everyday basis, breathable fabric such as cotton or viscose is key to preventing overheating or chaffing, as the brief panty is typically worn during those colder winter months.

Does this quick gloss-over do the trick for you, or is there more that you would like to know? We welcome comments and questions in the discussion section below!

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