How to Choose the Perfect Padded Bra

The push-up and padded bras were designed in the 60s and been must-have underwear for the last 20 years without ever being fully appreciated. These padded bras boosts your power of seduction whether you’re small or large chested.

Who are padded bras for?

Some people unfairly see padded bras as a way to “cheat” as it boosts your bust and has a reputation for only suiting small or medium chest sizes. That way of thinking could not be more wrong.

Padded bras can be ideal for large chest sizes too. Padded bras have other assets: your bust can lose its firmness with age and pregnancy so padded bras are your best friend for a sculpting and lifting effect.

We can all enjoy the padded bras and their push-up effect as long as we choose the right one. As we’ve seen before, there are all sorts: padded bras, unpadded bras, progressive padding, plunge and more.

How to choose your padded bras?

Do you have a large chest size or hourglass figure? You don’t need to make your bust look any bigger so go for a soft model of a padded bras or the padded bras with progressive padding. These padded bras are designed to add volume on the sides and under the bust.

"My chest size is small or medium"

If you have a small or medium chest size you can go for padded bras to boost your bust. Padded bras and half push-up padded bras are made for you (also known as progressive padded bras). The results are different:

  • Go for a half push-up or progressive padded bras for consistent volume. They have thinner and more discreet padding that tends to be incorporated into the lower cup and outer sides so it doesn’t completely cover you up. The effect of a half push-up padded bras is more subtle than classic padded bras. It’s the perfect compromise for anyone who wants a natural look with the elegance of lace lingerie.
  • Go for a push-up padded bra for more cleavage around the center panel. Padding ramps up the push-up effect giving you a bigger cleavage and rounder chest. These padded bras are comfortable, supportive and showcases your bust. You can also get padded bras with removable padding.

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