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  • Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie featured on Bra La Mode!

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    Intimate Insight: Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie Takes Basics Up A Notch

    Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie’s elegant line of bras, panties, loungewear and nightwear takes advantage of bright colors and elegantly placed panels of stretch mesh to offer a fresh look to already refined basics.  Subtly sheer lingerie never gets stale…

    Addiction Lingerie is designed to be comfortable enough for all day wear while maintaining a sexy and sophisticated look.  The bra range runs from A through F cups, allowing most body sizes and types to indulge in this fine lingerie line. 

    Making strategic use of sexy, sheer, stretch mesh panels and comfortable microfiber, encompassing a wide size range, and having reasonable price points has resulted in the brand becoming a favorite of  stylish stockists such as Journelle, Nancy Meyer and Net-à-porter.  As Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie says, “It’s a basic you’ll love to show!”.

    Retailers and customers alike will never have to fear running out of these sexy everyday styles as the line is designed to be a permanent basics collection.  The collection is currently available in nude, black, navy, purple, fuchsia, white, royal blue and red.  Every season new colors are added to keep the line exciting and new.

    Addiction Lingerie opened their first store last June at 634 North Robertson Blvd in West Hollywood, CA and is gearing up to launch their own ecommerce site.

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  • Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie featured on the Lingerie Briefs Blog!

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    Cool Comfort ~ Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie:
    It’s no secret that I feed on comfort. My entire lifestyle is wrapped around the psychology of casual contentment.  To me, this is the ultimate luxury.  It is probably a compelling reason why I feel so strongly about the emergence of Easy Wear in the Intimate market. In fact, it is a kind of addiction. I have been waiting patiently for the delivery of Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie’s new micro-modal loungewear, a collection of lightweight (130 gram), super soft essential pieces detailed with their signature transparent trim.  Available in 5 colors these sensual, sophisticated and simple shapes are a testimonial to this  brand's DNA.
    “The Coolest Part About Seeing A Girl Wear Something Comfortable
    Is The Smile That You Can Just Feel Coming From Inside Of Her.” ~Kellan Lutz

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    Comfortable Bra- Making The Best Of Each Day!


    Women spend hours in looking their very best. Latest fashion clothes, right accessories, flawless makeup, trendy shoes and bags are quintessential for every woman. Women today are leading hectic schedules; from managing professional lives, to being homemakers and social butterflies- all at once! And sometimes, all in a day! While looking good is important to be able to sail through a day being comfortable is equally important. Lingerie is

    While looking good is important to be able to sail through a day being comfortable is equally important. Lingerie is essential part of one’s wardrobe too. Now there are different kinds and types required but the basic requirement that each needs to fulfill is completecomfort. Many women can share terrible experiences of being stuck in an uncomfortable bra that makes it impossible to survive through the day! It’s a constant irritation that one just cannot avoid or ignore! Investing in the right bras and lingerie is a must. It’s the basic need and necessity for every woman. No matter how stylish your dress maybe or what it’s worth is, if your bra and lingerie isuncomfortable you will not have the confidence to put your best foot forward.

    Addiction Lingerie is every woman’s best friend! We understand this basic need of women and offer the most comfortable bras that support you through your day. Contrary to popular belief, comfortable bras are stylish and flamboyant too! Our range extends from basic to douceur to skin to fashion- all being the best of comfortable supportive bras. We also offer a wide range of underwear and sleepwear. The fundamental quality of each of our product being comfort and wear ability. You can browse through our extensive selection and choose the products that best suit your need and are also the perfect fit for you!

    Different dresses and clothes require a particular type of bra and underwear; at Addiction Lingerie we cater to all different needs. Our clients have been fully satisfied with our products and highly impressed by the daylong comfort they provide. Being caged in an uncomfortable bra all day long can be a nightmare- avoiding it is in your hands! We also offer the best strapless bras that provide the needed comfort, without embarrassing pop ups! Being a woman of class and style involves a lot of effort and investment. Comfortable supportive bras don’t just enhance your style but also boost your confidence. Addiction lingerie is here to save your day and help you make the most of each day with comfort and style.

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