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    Cool Comfort ~ Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie:
    It’s no secret that I feed on comfort. My entire lifestyle is wrapped around the psychology of casual contentment.  To me, this is the ultimate luxury.  It is probably a compelling reason why I feel so strongly about the emergence of Easy Wear in the Intimate market. In fact, it is a kind of addiction. I have been waiting patiently for the delivery of Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie’s new micro-modal loungewear, a collection of lightweight (130 gram), super soft essential pieces detailed with their signature transparent trim.  Available in 5 colors these sensual, sophisticated and simple shapes are a testimonial to this  brand's DNA.
    “The Coolest Part About Seeing A Girl Wear Something Comfortable
    Is The Smile That You Can Just Feel Coming From Inside Of Her.” ~Kellan Lutz

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