Your Guide to Finding The Perfect Bra

For those ladies tired of feeling pinched, prodded and rubbed the wrong way by a bra, we have found your solution! Meet your perfect match with our bra style guide, here to help you navigate your way through the different bra shapes and styles and arm you with the knowledge to know what to look for.

Triangular Bra

The triangle bra is the ideal fit for a smaller, more compact chest size and an active lifestyle since the fabric is designed for minimal chafing and abrasion. Perfect for shaping, compression, and light to moderate support, the triangle bra feels light and buttery on the skin. The common style of bra has often been referred to as the wireless bra, bralette or even an activewear bra. The style is typically made with breathable, stretch fabric or fashion-forward stretch lace, in addition to a generous, flexible size range. 

Push Up Bra

A classic silhouette that provides lift and definition, the push-up bra is designed to maximize support on around your chest for an all-day hold.  This style includes a build-in wire as well as generous padding, to give that signature ‘push up’ effect to your bust while smoothing your natural shape. Great under casual t-shirts and more formal attire alike, the push-up bra disappears under clothes while giving you the flattering look that you crave. 

Padded Bra

The padded bra is made with cups that have padding, or additional pockets to insert padding if desired. Padded bras are a style of bra that can be worn anytime and on any occasion as the padding is intended to add a feeling of fullness and enhancement to the bust line. The added padding also smooths out your chest for a seamless, streamlined appearance. This style of bra is great for all breast shapes and sizes, in particular for accentuating smaller breast sizes.

Underwire Bra

The underwire bra is a style designed with a crescent-shape, support wire located at the bottom of the bust, which is fitted and sewn into the fabric for comfort. The underwire provides lift, shape and support for women with larger breasts. A signature component of this style is how it separates and defines the bustline. The key to maximizing your comfort while wearing this bra is to make sure your size is on point. Underwire bras come in all types of bra styles, from strapless to balconette. They can be worn all day, every day if you prefer the added support. 

Full Cup Bra

This bra reduces the appearance of the bust, allowing you to feel comfortable and covered. It works wonders on a larger bust size or for full-figured women to get the support that they need. Full cup bras offer your all-over coverage and support so that you can feel secure in your shape. The straps are slightly closer together, joining at the center of the cups so this style is ideal for women who find that straps tend to slip off the shoulders.

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