How to Buy Lingerie Your Partner Will Actually Love

Buying the perfect set of lingerie for your partner can be an intimidating task. It always sounds like a sexy idea until you step into the store. The variety of styles, colors, sizes and let us not forget about the possibility of being the only male shopping there, it can be quite awkward. There is a way you can ease the pain and turn what could be an anxiety-inducing experience into a fun, sexy adventure.
So Many Choices
There are many variables in women's lingerie; for example, most lingerie does not come in standard sizes. Lingerie sizes vary from brand to brand. If you peeked into her drawer of intimates, to find she has 34C bra at home, this might not be the same 34C at Addiction Nouvelle. Most women do not have their bra size correct at home.
We have a great selection of the best fitting bras that are also comfortable. If you are unsure, it always best to ask or go for a “baby doll” or “teddy” style, as these will give you the most wiggle room when it comes to fit. Our lingerie boutique also carries camisole dress, chemise, and slips that are incredibly sexy and will be more likely to fit. They flatter most body shapes. Black lace is always a classic in lingerie to go with, as it is the most purchased color of lingerie.
What Not to Do
What you feel is sexy may not be the same thing that makes her feel sexy. Always make sure you pick out something that represents who she is and her sense of style. Not all feel good in only a thong and garter belt. Trust me, we would love to, but it is not realistic. What one woman would wear is not necessarily the same thing another woman would wear.
A Romantic Experience
Bringing your partner along will alleviate any stress on your part, but it will also ensure that you do not make a wrong purchase. Tell her you would love to shop together and buy her something sexy that she will like too. This way, she buys something she feels good in, not just looks good on her. You will guarantee that she is getting something that she feels comfortable and sexy in because, after all, that is what matters most. 
If you are in Beverly Hills, you can visit our lingerie boutique, and enjoy a more romantic experience by spending some quality time together. This will make your partner feel special and enhance the experience altogether. When done right, whether shopping on your own or sharing a romantic adventure, your partner should feel confident and sexy. This will undoubtedly result in a happy and delightfully surprised partner.
We offer a beautiful gift wrapped boxed with our purchases.
If you are still having a hard time choosing we are available by phone, email, and live chat to assist you. 


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