Choose a Right Size Bra Online with a Size Chart

According to a recent study, almost 80% of women wear the wrong size bra and this number is higher for those needing cup-shaped bras. You may think that there is no major difference in wearing one wrong size. Wearing the right size bra is not only about looking perfect but also about your comfort and how you feel in it. These days, the science of bra has improved incredibly to provide you with exceptional comfort and support that comes in all styles, sizes, shapes, and fabric. If you buy Cup Shaped Bra Online they will give you a size chart option to check it properly and buy the perfect one for you.

A full cup bra covers most of the breast area and offers added support. It does not cause any pockmark on the top of the breasts. Full cup bras come in DD standards and these are designed specially to give full support and additional comfort. These bras are made of form-fitting fabric to give an attractive and fitted look to the wearer. When buying the cup shaped bra you should check that the cup is not wrinkled and is smooth over your breasts. If you are not sure about the cups then it is good to purchase one size smaller cup bra.

The size of bra is a common issue among women and most of them don’t know the right size. The main reason for this confusion is due to the varieties also because different styles have different size fitting. So, it is quite normal to buy one size bigger or smaller bra. If you are looking to buy Cup Shaped Bra Online then you are suggested to visit the online store of Addiction Nouvelle Lingerie at and look for the style you need. Here you will get a size chart that will help decide on the right fitting and right size.

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