Lingerie FAQ

How often should I wash my bras?

We suggest that you wash your bra every other wear

What about putting lingerie in a “lingerie bag” and then in the washing machine?

Because of the delicate nature of the fabrics, stitching and construction we do not suggest you put you bras in the washing machine.

There's color in the wash water?

This is totally normal. As with most garments, the dye used in lingerie releases during the wash. Because of the low temps and short soak times.

Why "hang evenly on a hanger or drying rack" or "lie flat to dry"?

The way that a piece dries can affect its shape. This is especially true when dealing with molded cup bras or other corsetry. If you repeatedly hang a bra by one strap, wash after wash, you run the risk of permanently altering the silhouette.

My lingerie is wrinkly, what do i do ?

If your item needs further finishing after it dries, steam it to remove wrinkles. 


How should I store my lingerie?

How you organize your drawer is up to you (and we've seen some exquisitely curated drawers!), but this much is universal: always store bras with the hooks hooked (loose hooks can snag delicate laces) and nest molded bras together, as if the cups were spooning (which helps protect + maintain the shape of the cups).