Our Douceur Story

What Is Douceur?

Douceur is a unique fabric; it has very similar properties to cotton. However, it is softer to the touch, 50% more water-absorbent than cotton is and is less likely to pile. Modal is crafted from sustainably harvested beech trees.

It is then broken down and turned into a pulp, which then has to be converted and matured and then is processed and broken down further using an environmentally-friendly chemical process.

Why Choose Douceur?

Designed to be a hypo-allergenic comfortable, breathable lightweight fabric created with you in mind. We developed a unique softener treatment in collaboration with our dyeing house to give to our Modal the ultimate softness.

Modal comes from sustainably harvested beech trees. This technique and level of craftsmanship create a warm, soft, breathable, washable, anti-crease, and anti-pile properties in our fabric. Make it the perfect base layer. 

Following this a ‘‘honey-like’ mass is formed and is then pressed through micro-fine nozzles and the fibers are spun. They are then treated again several times and washed, stretched, cut and dried. Lenzing developed their own method of producing the fibers using a modified viscose process.

Why Partner with Lenzing ?

Using only quality fibers that not only feel great on your skin but allows you to feel good about purchasing sustainable, eco-friendly and biodegradable fabric that reduces your carbon footprint. 

The Lenzing group protects the environment by using a system of closed-loop chemical processes to produce the fibers, re-using the chemicals reduces the waste-water and emissions produced. They also recover sodium sulfate, produced during the process which is then used in the detergent, glass and food industries.

Lenzing cares for the planet.